Rod Goldberg | Dadson Laundry

Owner and Founder

Rod Goldberg is the founder and Managing Partner of 4R Management, Inc, a value-add Ownership & Property Management with over 700 units in Los Angeles and multiple retail assets. Today, the company controls in excess of $130,000,000 of properties and has created over $35,000,000 in added value to the company’s properties. Growing up in Los Angeles, Rod spent most of his childhood around multifamily projects while working at the family business that his father, Raymond Goldberg, started. In 2011, Rod Goldberg resurrected the historic 200-unit Huntington Apartments. When he purchased this building, it was considered one of the most distressed projects in Los Angeles. Rod and his team created a transformation that is “great for the building and for the community” according to the Los Angeles Downtown News. Rod prides himself on using his team to improve and transform properties to meet the needs of the residents. Rod believes that if you transform a neglected property by investing dollars in rebuilding the systems and infrastructure of the building including new roofs, air conditioning, plumbing and putting in place outstanding management professionals, you will attract the right residents as well as controlling future cost. Today, Rod has used that model to turn around 5 other projects and has more currently under redevelopment.

Dadson Laundry

In addition to his real estate assets, Rod Goldberg is also President of Dadson Laundry, Inc, one of the largest providers Multifamily Washer & Dryer services in the United States. Dadson has over 40 employees and revenues in excess of $10,000,000 annually. Dadson’s primary customers are apartment building owners/managers, so it was a natural progression to move into apartment building ownership. Over the next two decades, Rod Goldberg quadrupled the size of Dadson and facilitated the expansion of the company into five states. Rod Goldberg’s first solo purchase was a four-unit building adjacent to the Dadson Laundry Corporate Headquarters.