Dadson Laundry - Since 1962

The Goldbergs are Dadson! 

A business three generations in the making (from l-r): Ray, Granddad Robert and Grandson Rodney.


1962 was a different world. Ray Goldberg worked sixty hours a week as a repairman for a laundry company. He enjoyed his work but recognized a need for service not met by his current company or any other company in the industry.

He decided to leave that job and start his own company, pledging outstanding service to every one of his customers (when he left his old job, it took two people to replace him!).

Ray decided to specialize in the multi-housing laundry niche. He rationalized that people would rather wash their clothes closer to home than take them blocks away to a laundromat. Ray began by purchasing and refurbishing machines, rebuilding them in his driveway well into the night.

He spent his days calling apartment building owners and nights making sure his machines were the best-running anywhere. Ray’s father, Robert, helped him with the financing, and Dadson Laundry was born.

Enter Ray’s son, Rodney, the current company president. After graduating from USC with a bachelor’s degree in marketing, Rod helped significantly improve the business. Rodney knows laundry—he grew up in the industry. He loved helping his dad out at work from a very early age and always wanted to know everything at Dadson.

Today, Dadson provides real-time dispatch and live routing service performed by highly trained and qualified personnel. Rod carefully evaluates all new developments but promises never to lose that personal touch with Dadson’s valued customers.

Laundry room specialists since 1962

Dadson serves California, Arizona and Nevada. We offer the quality and experience of the big companies with the care and service of a family-owned business.


No matter how much we grow, Dadson will not allow our clients to feel like a “number.” After all, we are still a family-owned and operated business. We take pride in that.

The big companies prioritize the “big clients.” Dadson will always prioritize “the little guys,” just as Ray always wanted.

No two businesses are the same; that’s why we tailor our agreements to meet the needs of each customer. This has been a Dadson trademark since 1962, and we’ll continue this policy into the next millennium.