Mobile & Card Payment
Options for Community Laundry

We were recently awarded for our new DadsonPay App!

Dadson knows that giving your residents payment options can be a huge advantage. That’s why we also offer an option for residents to pay with Credit or Debit card which directly operates the laundry equipment. With mobile & card payment options for community laundry, residents don’t have to worry about carrying an extra card around – and you don’t have to worry about them complaining if they lose or forget it.



A wireless card reader is installed at each and every machine you have onsite. Now your residents can simply use their credit or debit card right at the laundry machine to start their laundry load! Residents don’t need to keep a separate laundry card, or add value online, in order to do their laundry without cash. They simply use their credit or debit card right at the machine.


Systems like the WaveRider from Heartland have brought much needed advancements to the vend laundry industry. It’s now easier and more effective to get your laundry clean. Dadson provides the credit debit payment systems for our clients that want this option. If you’re looking at adding or changing your payment options, give Dadson a call, and we’ll help you choose the payment options that make you and your residents happy.


Dadson makes payment easy, with machines that are credit card, smart card or coin operated. Our line of innovative payment system equipment is convenient, secure and flexible for your property and residents. Now doing your laundry is so much more accommodating.

These options give you the flexibility to provide a more valuable laundry room to your residents! If you’re looking at making a change in your equipment, give Dadson a call! We’ll listen to your needs and suggestions to give our recommendations for what’s best fit for your space, residents, property — and, your bottom line.

This payment system uses smart cards dedicated to the laundry machines at your location. Residents can allocate how much money they want on the card by getting a code online. Once the card has funds use it to start the machines. The balance can be seen by putting the laundry card in the reader on any of the laundry machines or by putting in into the Add-Value-Station.

This system can give your residents extra flexibility of options. This coin free system collects revenue at a payment machine, then provides your residents with a card, which is their ticket to an enjoyable laundry experience at the laundry machines. We have options for your residents to add value to smart laundry cards using either cash or credit/debit cards.
These card based systems increase the profitability of your laundry room, by offering secure payments but vend increases are not restricted to 25-cent increments, resulting in smaller increases over a longer period of time. We install the machines in a secure location, so you can monitor them closely.

This payment system lets users start machines with their cellphones. This is easiest for residents who prefer to carry only their phone, and not risk losing cash or cards while doing laundry.


No more worrying about quarters with this cashless option. This payment option is simple, your residents pay at the machine with the bank card they already have in their wallet. Many residents are accustomed to using their debit or credit cards at parking meters and merchants everywhere. Now they don’t have to carry coin or cash to get their laundry clean, and get on their way.


Sometimes the best way to pay is just a good old fashioned roll of quarters. If you experience any mechanical issues, we are here to help.