Dadson Laundry - Since 1962

The Goldberg’s are Dadson!  A history of Three Generations (left to right)…Ray, Granddad Robert, and Grandson Rodney.  Ray began the venture in 1962 with Robert coming in as a partner later that year.  Robert and Ray have since passed away, but Rod continues to run their family business as it continues to grow.


What a different world it was in 1962.  That’s when Ray Goldberg was working sixty hours a week as a repairman for a laundry company.  He enjoyed his work, but saw that there was a need for greater service that wasn’t being met by his current company, or by any other company in the industry.  

He decided to leave that job and start his own company, pledging outstanding service to every one of his customers (when he left his old job, it took two people to replace him!).

Ray decided to specialize in the multi-housing laundry niche, he rationalized that people would much rather wash their clothes closer to home than take them blocks away to a laundromat. He began by purchasing and refurbishing machines.  Back then, he did all the work himself, rebuilding machines in his driveway well into the night.

He spent his days calling on the owners of apartment buildings, and nights making sure his machines were the best-running anywhere.  Ray’s father Robert helped him with the financing, and Dadson Laundry was born.

Current President, Rodney, grew up in the business. From a very early age he loved helping his Dad out at work and always wanted to know everything that went on at Dadson.   After Rod graduated from USC with a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, he helped to bring about a number of improvements in the business.

Dadson now provides radio dispatched service performed by highly trained and qualified personnel.  Ray and Rod carefully evaluate all new developments, but promise never to lose that personal touch with their valued customers.

Laundry room specialists since 1962


Las Vegas has been called a “virtual reality city”.  Where else can you watch jousting in King Arthur’s Court, visit ancient Egypt, ride a roller coaster through New York City and experience many other wonders – all brought together in one place?

Maintaining that exciting fantasy means a lot of new jobs.  This brings plenty of permanent residents, as well as tourists, to the city.  Las Vegas is home to more than 1 million people and is the fastest growing city in the nation.

All that growth means thousands of new hotel rooms, town houses, apartment buildings and condos.  “That means more clothes to be washed in hundreds of new laundry rooms,” says Dadson President Rod Goldberg, so Dadson came to help in 1997.  During the last few years, the response has been overwhelming.  

The demand for laundry services continues to grow, and installations of new locations have surpassed all projections.  Las Vegas is a dynamic community with a tremendous economic base that requires flexible choices and outstanding service.  

That’s why Dadson is there. Apartment owners and managers can continue to look to Dadson as the premiere laundry service provider in California, Nevada and Arizona.  Dadson will continue to exceed all customer expectations. 

We are aggressively expanding, but Dadson will not allow our clients to feel like a “number.”  After all, we are still a family owned and operated business.  We take pride in that.

Every customer is paramount to our success.  Tailoring our agreements to meet the needs of each customer has been a Dadson trademark since 1962.  We will continue this policy into the next millennium.