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    Driven by Tradition, Dedicated to Innovation 1962

    At Dadson Laundry, we bring more than 20 years of dedicated service and industry expertise to Las Vegas, making us leaders in commercial laundry solutions.
    Our story began with a simple mission: to provide reliable, high-quality laundry equipment leasing with a focus on customer satisfaction.

    commercial laundry machine on lease
    laundry equipment on lease

    Streamlined Efficiency with Coin Operated Laundry Machines

    Coin-operated laundry machines are a cornerstone of self-service laundromats, providing users with a convenient and straightforward laundry experience. Ideal for high-traffic areas, these machines are built to withstand heavy use while ensuring reliability and profitability.

    Dynamic Washing Solutions: Advanced Commercial Washers

    Our Commercial Washers deliver unparalleled washing power and efficiency, making them perfect for businesses that demand the best in cleanliness and operational efficiency.

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    laundry equipment on lease

    Commercial Washers We Offer On Lease Las Vegas

    front loader washer on rent

    Front Load Innovators: High-Efficiency Cleaning

    Front Load washer models offer enhanced energy efficiency and fit with your current rear control. The large dimensions provide added laundry capacity within the available space.

    Efficient Top Load Mastery: Compact and Powerful

    Our top-load washing machine comes with several controls. These high-quality washers allow customization and last longer. And the best part, they work well without service or repair.

    Extensive Range Of Commercial Dryers On Lease In Las Vegas

    Single Dryers

    Las Vegas residents are big fans of single dryers as they offer generous spacious laundry capacity and large doors. Available in many control options. You can customize them to suit your laundry room’s requirements.

    Stacked Dryers

    Do you want to make the most of your multi-family laundry area? Get stacked dryers. They offer generous washing capacity within a single dryer along with additional space. We also offer stacked double-dryer choices to enhance your space optimization.

    Stacked Washer Dryer Combo

    The lease coin-operated washer and dryer is perfect for small or compact laundry rooms. Enjoy great space for your multi-family apartment laundry area.

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    Join the Family That Cares About Yours

    Dadson Laundry is a family-owned and operated laundry equipment business serving California, Nevada and Arizona with offices in Los Angeles, Bakersfield, Fresno, San Luis Obispo, Redding, Phoenix and Las Vegas.

    Founded in 1962 by a son and his dad, Dadson provides card and coin-operated laundry equipment and services for all multi-family apartments.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What types of laundry machines do you have?

    At Dadson Laundry, we have a variety of laundry room machines from big brands, including 


    • Washers  
    • Dryers  
    • Industrial laundry equipment 

    Choose a washing machine depending on your business needs and budget.

    Is maintenance included in the leasing agreement?

    Yes, we offer maintenance service within the standard leasing agreement. However, we suggest you check and read the laundry machine rental contract carefully to avoid any hassle. Rest assured that all leased machines come in optimal working condition. 

    What if the laundry machine doesn’t work after leasing?

    At Dadson Laundry, we offer high-quality laundry machine leasing in Las Vegas. If you face any issues, we will send a technician to your location within 48 hours from the time you make a request as per standard policy. However, if a technician is already in your area, expect a response in as little as one hour. 


    Rest assured that you will get reliable customer service from us.

    Can I upgrade or change my leased machines during the contract?

    Yes, you may upgrade your leased laundry machine under some circumstances. Speak with one of our representatives and get started. 

    How long are the washing machine leasing contracts in Las Vegas?

    Our lease contract terms vary, but usually range from 1 to 5 years. We can customize the lease contracts for you to offer flexibility in choosing the duration that suits your business.


    Have a problem with your machines? We’re here to help!


    Have a problem with your machines? We’re here to help!