Why Choose Dadson Laundry?

Family-Owned Local Laundry Services

Managing your multi-family apartment laundry equipment might be time-consuming and stressful, but your laundry room doesn’t have to add to those worries. Dadson Laundry can transform your laundry facility into a profit-driven, hassle-free amenity that meets your needs and keeps your residents satisfied. We handle all of your laundry room concerns by providing high-quality laundry equipment, quick installation, and fast service all while splitting the profits with you! You’ll get personal attention from a dedicated representative and consistent customer support. We’re family-owned, local, and easy to reach for all of your laundry equipment service needs – including payment systems, profit improvements, servicing, accounting, and more. Choose Dadson!

Our Mission To Serve You

The Dadson Laundry mission is to handle all of your laundry room concerns, turn your facilities into profitable assets, and provide your residents with a seamless laundry experience. That is why we work with each customer to find a plan that matches their needs, including finding the right equipment, settling on a fitting payment plan, and providing diverse payment systems. In addition, we’re always available for servicing any repair whenever you need it.


Customer Service

Leasing & Rentals

Payment System

Create a Hassle-Free Laundry Room That Residents Will Appreciate.

If you have a machine breaking down or a payment machine not working properly, we have responsive and locally-dispatched service providers that are here to help. Simply fill out a service request or give us a call, and we’ll do our best to have the problem solved within the same day or 48 hours, depending on the size of the problem.

Dadson Laundry Will Find the Best Plan to Meet Your Needs.

We can install new machines in your laundry rooms at no cost to you. As long as you host the space, we’ll split the revenue and will even provide reliable servicing completely free. If you prefer, we offer the same high-quality equipment for low monthly fees while still providing the same dependable service you need it. Tell us what you need, and we’ll find the best option.

You’ll have the advantage of various payment systems

Flexible payment options offer both you and your tenants more choices and can improve the overall laundry room experience. Whether you want to stick to the classic coin-operated machines, modernize with cash-free systems, or have a combination of both, we’ve got the expertise and equipment to make it happen.



Take Advantage of Our Highly Trained Financial Specialists

Dadson Laundry provides you with a personal account manager who will handle all of your laundry room needs, including equipment leasing or rental, same-day servicing, and more. Our goal is to offer small, local businesses like ours a perfect solution for their unique needs. We will take care of financial elements so you can focus on other aspects of your life.


We Will Help Optimize Your Laundry Rooms For Profit 

Energy-efficient machines and optimum usage can improve the profits of your laundry room. Dadson Laundry has been dedicated to serving multi-family apartment units for 55 years and understands how to pair the right equipment given your space and residents. We guarantee that working with Dadson Laundry is the best possible way to optimize your current laundry room to ensure they’re efficient for your tenants and profitable for you.