Boost Your Laundry Experience with Mobile Pay

Simply put, mobile payment technology is revolutionizing the world of commerce. The speed of transaction, contact-free nature and data security is hard to beat. Whether you’re looking to start construction on your first laundry room or a multifamily housing property manager with several laundry rooms, now is a great time to consider cashless payment via a mobile pay app.

Man with laundry basket in a common area laundry room uses phone for mobile pay

By now, you likely have heard about the surging popularity of mobile payment in just about every market—over 100 million American users have used a proximity-based mobile payment, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down.

Now you can have the same seamless, easy-to-use payment technology in your common-area laundry with DadsonPay! Gone are the days of residents losing payment cards or collecting quarters to do laundry. And when you remove these barriers, laundry room revenue increases. KioSoft, the developer of DadsonPay, has reported that operators are seeing an average of 20 percent more revenue and a 10 percent decrease in operating costs after upgrading their laundry rooms.

Read below to discover how our award-winning mobile laundry payment app can benefit you and your tenants!

Simple, Convenient and Easy

When you think of tenants doing laundry, you can almost hear the clinking of quarters being dropped into vended laundry machines’ coin drops. Unfortunately, with the use of coins comes full receptacles, theft and quarter jams.

Our smartphone app changes all that. After a tenant downloads the app and loads their wallet with funds, the transaction couldn’t be more effortless.

  1. Load value with a credit card, debit card or mobile wallet
  2. Scan the machine’s QR code or enter its number

That’s it. Tenants can quickly and wirelessly transfer funds from their mobile pay wallet to the machine. No hassle, no friction—tenants absolutely love it.

In addition to facilitating mobile payments, the DadsonPay app allows users to check machine availability in the common-area laundry. It can even send notifications to the user to notify them when their cycle has finished – providing faster turnover time for the operator. The app also has the added feature of giving users pain-free refunds in case of a machine malfunction or mechanical failure.

Ready to Upgrade?

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