11 Great Ways to Update An Apartment Laundry Room

An apartment laundry room is a key to your residents’ satisfaction with your property. Here are 11 things you can do to update your apartment laundry room.

Empty and spacious updated apartment laundry room

1. Keep the space social (with clear rules)

As a building manager, you’ll want to encourage sociability and improve the social atmosphere. Start by improving the design and decor in the apartment laundry room to make it more inviting. Add chairs, tables, a bulletin board with notices, and a vending machine.

Don’t forget that maintaining a smooth-running communal laundry room means outlining and posting clear tenant rules. Foresee any potential issues and include them on your list. For example, did you know that some people find it rude when neighbors do laundry at night? If you know this to be true with your residents, add hours to your apartment laundry room.

2. Provide unique laundry room amenities

Communal areas of a residential building are part of a resident’s home. The rental price includes storage areas, fitness rooms, lounges, and laundry rooms. As a building owner, consider adding a few extra amenities to the apartment laundry rooms, like:

  • A drying rack for items that can’t go in the dryer
  • Tables for folding and sorting clothes
  • A utility sink for hand-washing clothes and treating stains
  • Soap vending machines
  • Free WiFi
  • Dedicated space for ironing clothes

3. Improve lighting

A space’s lighting can significantly improve its atmosphere. Consider adding layered lighting, especially if the apartment laundry room lacks windows. Plus, no one likes to do laundry in a dark room.

4. Add comfortable furniture

Upgrade your laundry room by adding enough colorful couches and chairs to fill any awkward, unused space. Doing laundry is a waiting game, so your tenants will also appreciate a coffee table with some reading material while they wait.

5. Buy some funky artwork

Put up some photos, prints, paintings—anything that puts a smile on your face to make the place more cheerful. Artwork always improves a room’s aesthetic.

6. Decorate with plants and flowers

Indoor plants have loads of benefits, including brightening up a space. If your apartment laundry room has windows and gets great sunlight, some potted plants might be the way to go. If you’re a serial plant killer, fresh seasonal flowers will also do the trick.

7. Add more machines

Are your laundry machines always occupied? Some tenants might complain about the availability of laundry machines. Make sure you have the proper amount of laundry machines for the tenants in your building.

Couples and professional singles do less laundry compared to a large family. A large family will do way more laundry, especially if they have younger children.

Add an extra dryer and washer to boost the capability of your apartment laundry room.

8. Add televisions and vending machines

Quickly improve the laundry experience for your tenants by adding a few high-definition televisions. While your tenants wait for laundry to finish, they can watch TV and snack on some treats from the vending machines.

9. Improve the layout

Property managers might need to deliberate on the right location for a laundry room. In a larger complex, tenants’ needs might get better served with a few different laundry locations instead of one massive space.

Improve revenue by keeping tenants inside your building instead of paying for delivery service. Learn how to create the perfect laundry room layout.

10. Clean and Maintain Your Laundry Room

A clean laundry room is critical for tenant satisfaction. Make sure you keep up with meticulous cleaning.

You should also get rid of clutter in your laundry room. Look at organizing the laundry space. You should have clear spaces for sorting, washing, drying, and folding.

11. Prioritize safety

Your laundry room should have excellent decor, but you also want to improve safety. The communal laundry room shouldn’t be too dark or dirty.

People will assume the laundry room isn’t safe and take their business elsewhere. Managing safety in communal spaces should be a top priority.

Well-lit spaces that are communal remain more accessible for tenants. Extra safety measures could include preventing fire hazards and cleaning the lint traps.

Enhance your apartment laundry room

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