6 Benefits of Setting Up an Apartment Laundry Room

Did you know the average American family does around 300 loads of laundry each year? Whether you’re young, free and single, or have a family in tow, laundry is a must. And in Arizona, California and Nevada heat, you might wash your clothes more regularly than most.

Everyone in the U.S. needs access to laundry facilities, so setting up an apartment laundry room is a great idea. Planning and setting up a laundry room in your apartment complex will give you and your tenants plenty of benefits.

But maybe you’re still on the fence or wondering what to include in your new laundry room. Luckily, we’ve got you covered. Here are just six benefits of setting up an apartment laundry service in your apartment complex.

Daughter helping father with laundry in apartment laundry room

1. Your tenants will love you

There’s nothing convenient about traveling to the laundromat with a heavy laundry load. And it’s a huge hassle if you don’t have a car. Convenience makes life much more enjoyable, and you want to cash in on that fact.

You’ll immediately become more attractive to prospective tenants with an on-site apartment laundry room. Plus, current tenants will appreciate your improvements as you’ll make their lives easier. Consider adding a spot for ironing and folding when planning your apartment laundry room. Your tenants will enjoy the dedicated space for these essential household chores.

2. You’ll create a sense of community

A feeling of community and neighborliness makes a building manager’s life easier. When tenants know each other and connect, they take more pride in their apartment complex. Plus, it makes the building safer.

The laundry room is a great place for tenants to meet and talk. Think about adding some social features like a coffee machine, apartment bulletin board, and some chairs to get people talking. And include some laundry room tips to help newbies who are just starting.

3. You can increase rental prices

By offering a community apartment laundry room, you include extra convenience. We know tenants are willing to pay more to have an accessible laundry room on site, so you can charge premium rental fees to match. You can allocate that extra rental income towards the cost of your laundry management service and washer and dryer rentals. It’s a win-win!

4. You’ll breathe easy with equipment leasing

If the thought of the additional plumbing and maintenance for a laundry room is bringing on a headache, then leasing your equipment is the way to go. By renting your equipment, you’ll have access to the most energy-efficient models, saving you money and helping the planet.

Worried about eventual repair costs when a machine breaks down? Forget about finding a maintenance specialist at the eleventh hour! When you lease your washers and dryers from Dadson Laundry, our expert technicians handle any repairs quickly and efficiently.

Are you considering in-unit washing machines? Think again! It might sound like a good idea, but leaky hoses and clogged pipes are major causes of apartment flooding. And appliance leaks cause, on average, $13,467 of damage. By centralizing your laundry services, you’ll cut down apartment plumbing and maintenance issues.

5. You’ll down on causes of mold

One cause of mold and dampness in Californian apartments is hanging wet clothes to dry indoors. Once moisture starts in a space, it can cause health problems like asthma, bronchitis and wheezing. And with persistent dampness, mold will continue to grow and damage your apartment building.

By controlling dampness, you will also contain mold. If you provide an apartment laundry room with drying facilities, you’ll eliminate these issues before they start.

6. You’ll make the most of your space

You’ll free up space by putting all your laundry equipment into one room (or more, for large apartment buildings). Space is at a premium in cities, and by centralizing your washing facilities, you can put that space to better use elsewhere.

By making the most of your space, you’ll appeal to tenants in different situations, from professionals to families and retirees. Plus, you’ll cut down on your tenants’ storage needs when you include ironing and folding facilities in your laundry room.

Reap the benefits of an apartment laundry service

An apartment laundry service is a great way to make your apartment building more popular with renters. You can charge premium rent, reduce maintenance and maximize space within the building.

A well-managed apartment laundry room will reduce your plumbing and maintenance costs. Plus, you’ll create a great social space for your tenants to meet and catch up.

Interested in leasing your apartment laundry equipment and setting up your apartment laundry room? Contact us for a free quote today!