Savvy Renters Want On-Site Laundry Rooms​

Attracting and retaining tenants can be a challenge in today’s competitive rental housing market. So, how can you make your apartment stand out? It’s all about offering quality amenities.

A well-equipped on-site community laundry room does more than just sweeten the deal. Learn how you can turn your multifamily laundry room into a renter magnet.

attractive amenity

On-Site Laundry Rooms Offer Convenience and Savings

The simple fact is renters appreciate the convenience of an on-site laundry—saving them from the hassle of lugging their clothes back and forth to a laundromat. Plus, the price per load is usually cheaper in a shared apartment laundry room than at the local laundromat.

If your renters are going to be spending money to do laundry, why not keep it in-house and offer an attractive amenity simultaneously?

Get a Leg-Up on the Competition with an Apartment Laundry Room

A community laundry room also edges out the competition. Savvy renters will automatically filter out buildings without their “must-have” amenities, and laundry facilities frequent the checklists of many prospective tenants. Your building can make the cut by offering a clean and modernized on-site community laundry room. Even if other buildings have laundry, offering advanced features like mobile payment, machine notification and high-efficiency machines can be a big differentiator.

On-Site Laundry Rooms Offer Superior Resident Retention

It’s no secret—apartment rentals are a business. Every empty unit is a loss, month by month.

By providing a well-outfitted, modern laundry area that is safe and welcoming to renters, your apartment automatically becomes more desirable, rising through the ranks of renters’ interest while providing true resident stickiness. A clean, regularly maintained and well-designed laundry room gives the impression of luxury and exclusivity.

As any renter who has had to settle for no on-site laundry room can tell you, traveling to the laundromat wears heavily on your appreciation and satisfaction with your living situation.

Time to Upgrade Your Apartment Laundry Room?

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